TOP 10 of 2023

A Top 10 list featuring our best selling titles of 2023.

10: Groove Essentials Tommy Igoe

Book or eBook with Audio

Groove Essentials/The Play-Along, from Tommy Igoe, represents a quantum leap over anything previously available in any play-along instructional package. With over six hours of music, including styles from all over the world; truly professional sketch charts; and groove variations for every song; Groove Essentials is designed to be your groove companion not for a month, or a year, but for as long as you play drums—forever.

Groove Essentials/The Play-Along offers a focused and interactive groove experience for all levels of drummers with rhythm tracks that feature some of New York City’s top musicians. You get a chance to not only learn all 52 grooves, but also to learn how to play them in a real band with real musicians. Additionally, you’ll find three “Global Tour” tracks that are 15-minute journeys through all the grooves you’ve learned.


9: Gaddiments Steve Gadd

Book or eBook with Video

In this, the first drum book he has written, music legend Steve Gadd presents a series of rudimental passages inspired by his time in drum corps and love of the rudiments. Each exercise is based on a classic or contemporary rudiment. It’s then displaced by starting on different subdivisions of the beat. This creates new rhythms without changing the sticking. All of the solos are written in a way that reinforce the understanding and importance of phrasing.

Includes 36 themes/concepts and 85 individual exercises, each with an accompanying video demonstration.

8: DG'z Notebook David Garibaldi

Book or eBook with Video

DG’z Notebook, the newest book from Tower of Power drumming legend David Garibaldi, is a challenging and fun method to expand your creative groove vocabulary and develop an inspiring practice routine. The book consists of intermediate to advanced funk grooves that employ topics focused on improving your playing in specific areas: permutating a groove to different places in the bar, applying odd phrases to 4/4 grooves, using your favorite songs as practice tracks for advanced groove ideas, and much more.

Accompanying this book are practice tools including video for nearly every example in the book and notation with a moving cursor. The video and notation can be sped up, slowed down, and resized in any way you desire. There has never been a more complete funk drumming method with practice tools and an approach to practice available!

7: Philly-ism Tim Carman

Book or eBook with Video

Philly-ISM, the second book in Tim Carman’s ISMS series, is a unique analysis of Philly Joe Jones’ RUDIMENTAL approach to soloing. More specifically, it’s a deep dive into Philly’s use of the paradiddle.

With Philly-ISM, you will: • Learn how Philly Joe utilized the PARADIDDLE sticking and its variations in his solos • Study 18 Philly solos from legendary recordings • Permutate, orchestrate, and subdivide the ISM • Analyze 9 additional Philly Trademark Phrases • Learn to sing and solo using your ISM over REAL song forms

Includes over one hour of instructional video lessons demonstrating exercises and concepts from this book.

6: Secret Weapons for the Modern Drummer Part 1: Hand Technique Jojo Mayer

DVD or Instant Video

This now classic, 3-hour video from Jojo Mayer covers a wide range of information on drumming technique, from the most fundamental to the most advanced. Yet, Secret Weapons is more than just the ultimate instructional method and reference guide, it also showcases the inspiring artistry, musical philosophy and groundbreaking technical abilities of one of today’s most progressive performers and educators.

5: Fluid Fills and Musical Phrasing Dave DiCenso

eBook or Print Book

Fluid Fills and Musical Phrasing, by Dave DiCenso,  provides a means for drummers to expand their fill vocabulary while improving timing, flow, musicality, and listening skills. In the process, the exercises demonstrate how to interpret and play the most famous rhythms in Western music. The student is required to practice multiple ways of interpreting these rhythms, utilizing a vast array of rudiments and their variations. The book contains hundreds of variations based upon a logical system of concepts and their expansion and includes applications to various styles of music.

DiCenso has fortified this 156-page study with unique methods to help drummers not only grow and diversify their vocabulary, but to hear outside of it, in order to fill and phrase with greater precision, flow, and musical impact. Having used the concepts in his teaching, DiCenso has seen how well they work for students of any level.

4: The Ultimae Guide to Syncopation Bruce Becker

Book or eBook with Video

With The Ultimate Guide to Syncopation, master teacher Bruce Becker takes Ted Reed’s classic book Syncopation and shows you how to use it to develop more relaxed movement, better flow, improved phrasing, and more advanced independence. In this book, Bruce adapts the exercises in the classic book Syncopation by Ted Reed to achieve fluidity of movement, phrasing and independence.

If you’ve checked out Syncopation but feel you have not unlocked the secrets that has made it one of the best-selling drum books of all time, Bruce will shed light on how to use it to supercharge your drumming. For longtime users of Syncopation, Bruce’s approach will give you hours of new source material for productive practice.

Includes over 2 hours of instructional video lessons demonstrating and explaining exercises and concepts from this book.

3: Great Hands for a Lifetime Tommy Igoe

DVD or Instant Video

Great Hands for a Lifetime offers a realistic, practical approach that will unlock your potential and protect your hands through years of drumming.

This incredible workout weaves the standard drum rudiments with original exercises to maintain your technique as well as inspire and challenge you for decades. Use it as a warmup before a gig or as a kickoff to an intense practice session. Use it for anything you want; its designed to fit your needs. 

2: DG'z Loopz David Garibaldi

eBook with Audio

Drum legend David Garibaldi (Tower of Power) and Hudson Music have teamed up once again to create a cutting-edge package for drummers, DG’z Loopz.

The “Loopz” are musical sections of songs, without drums, that can be looped to create a fun and funky practice environment. Some of the loops are only a few bars long, while others are complete songs. All are played by Garibaldi’s Tower of Power bandmates and other great musicians (including a performance from bass legend Rocco Prestia).

1: Gadd: A Life in Time Joe Bergamini

Print Book – Autographed Copies Available

A comprehensive biographical, pictorial, and musical retrospective on the career of Steve Gadd.

A combination of biography, scholarly analysis, transcription book, and photo memoir, the book brings all these elements together into a beautiful package. Musicians and fans can experience the sessions that led to the creation of iconic songs and drum parts from the perspective of the people who were there. The notation is coupled with expert analysis from the author, providing insight into the music and Gadd’s creative process. With unprecedented access to Steve’s personal collection, the book is beautifully tied together with close to 200 photographs, many in full color and never published before.

236 Pages Hardcover with 82 Page Softcover Notation Book