About Hudson Music

Hudson Music is a producer, publisher and distributor of educational music books and video, founded in 1998 by Robert Wallis and Paul Siegel. While originally focused on DVD as it’s primary delivery format, our catalog has adapted and developed over time to include books, eBooks, digital streaming video, apps, audio, and more products designed to educate and inspire. With a current product catalog featuring over 1,000 titles, Hudson Music and is a leader in drum education for the 21st century and beyond.

A Message From the Owner

When we founded DCI Music Video in 1982, we did so with the idea of documenting the contributions of great musicians by incorporating the emerging phenomenon of VHS home video with music instruction.

We started DCI with a few rented cameras, an ad in the back of Modern Drummer and a PO Box to receive the orders we were sure would not come. But they did – and lots of them, much to our surprise!

From the very beginning we wanted to create a record of the creative process behind the playing of musicians who would have a lasting impact on music. By doing this we felt that we could help provide musicians, both aspiring and professional, with inspiration as well as information.

Hudson Music started in 1998 and we have continued in our tradition of providing superb quality video and audio products for music instruction and entertainment.

The biggest difference between the close of our time with DCI and the start of Hudson Music was the advent of the DVD format, which allowed us to offer products that were much more user-friendly and that feature much higher audio and video quality, instant access by way of menus, and which contain much more information and “special features”, like camera-switching options, narrative tracks and more.

In 2007, we launched the Hudson Limited label as a subsidiary to Hudson Music. The purpose of Limited is to bring new ideas to young musicians and a fresh approach to contemporary music education by distributing a variety of high-quality, independently produced DVDs and multi-media featuring players and educators from around the world.

2009 saw the launch of Hudson Digital, our digital download site where musicians can purchase and download video lessons, audio and play-along tracks from some of the great – and up and coming artists.

In 2013, we released the Hudson Music Digital Bookstore for iOS, Mac and Windows devices. The digital bookstore features digital versions of our entire book library, as well as new, exclusive, digital only books. Each book features embedded media – audio and/or video – right in the book itself, making for a tidy practice tool that drummers can easily carry to the practice room.

Over the years we have received a tremendous amount of support, positive feedback and encouragement from our customers. We love hearing from you – and would encourage you to drop us an email any time if you have an idea to make our products better!


Rob Wallis
President & Owner – Hudson Music