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Drumming In Flow


Improve your drumming by using specific breathing exercises based on long-established meditation techniques coupled with drumming patterns to teach the focus on the breath.

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Drumming in Flow, by Ray LeVier, will improve your drumming through a focus on breathing, getting you into a zone of relaxation, focus, and peak performance on a consistent basis. Author Ray Levier provides specific breathing exercises based on long-established meditation techniques coupled with drumming patterns to teach the focus on the breath. LeVier then delves into modern drum set vocabulary with a fun, exciting and musical series of concepts that can be applied to all styles. These include permutations, linear concepts, voicings, and advanced syncopations, the likes of which can be heard in the playing of Keith Carlock, Vinnie Colaiuta, and others.

Throughout the book are inspirational quotes and messages that will keep you inspired on the path to drumming greatness. The book comes with extensive video demonstrations of the examples.

Ray LeVier has recorded or performed with John Abercrombie, Mike Stern, Randy Brecker, Paul Shaffer, Fred Lipsius, Oz Noy, Will Lee, and many others. Ray also leads his own band, composes for film/TV (TLC, The History Channel, Animal Plant, others), and records drum tracks and teaches at his studio in Nyack NY.

Print or eBook | 119 pages with Video

“Ray’s new book has unique insights into how to make one’s drumming both more solid and more relaxed. His focus on the connection with the breath is eye-opening. Check it out.” – John Riley

“Ray LeVier has written a book that is a great translation of an in-depth methodology on how to approach playing drums. It includes great quotes of wisdom to help you along the way. Great job, Ray.” – Lenny White

“Ray LeVier has hit the proverbial grand slam home run with Drumming in Flow. This book provides clear and comprehensive examples of the positive effects that breathing can have upon drumming. His teaching of breath control and mindfulness alone is worth the price of admission, but he goes beyond the theory of these benefits and builds practice pad and drumset exercises that should turn on the lightbulb in any drummer’s head and hands. Ray aims deeper, though, and he manages to touch the heart of the reader—Drumming in Flow not only enables the drummer; it will make him or her want to be a better person and musician. My favorite inspirational quote comes from the author himself: ‘It’s simple, if we never quit, we can never fail.’ He knows what he’s talking about.” – Peter Erskine

“Ray’s book is an excellent resource for developing Flow ideas. Check it out and Breathe new life into your playing.” – Bruce Becker

“One of the most extraordinary drummers I know, Ray Levier has crafted an amazing book about oft-overlooked topic. The analysis of breathing applications, flow state, and the applications of them on the instrument form a remarkable and unique text. Bravo, Ray, and I’m proud to call you my friend’. – Alex Cohen

“The lessons you can learn from the chapters in this book are ones you can’t get from any other single source and will take with you wherever you go. I’ve not met a man like Ray Levier. I’m pretty sure no one has, so be ready to dive in to “Drumming In Flow”. I’m pretty sure you’ll dig the journey”. -Will Lee

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