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In the Pocket: Jazz Snare Drum Solos


A collection of snare drum solos to go along with classic and important jazz recordings.

In the Pocket: Jazz Snare Drum Solos $11.99

In this unique book, you will play snare drum solos along with important jazz legends. Author Albie Berk takes classic and important jazz recordings and presents snare drum solos to go along with those recordings. What makes this book different is that you will be playing along with the soloists, not the drummers.

The snare drum solos in this book were inspired by and based on performances by some of Berk’s favorite jazz artists. Each solo is based on the melody and instrumental solos of jazz legends like Chick Corea, Keith Jarrett, Ella Fitzgerald, Charlie Parker, and others. These recordings, some of which date back to the 1940s, are classics. The versions referenced are all available on YouTube and all streaming services, and the solos are intended to be played along with these recordings. At the same time, you will also be playing along with great rhythm sections that define the phrase “in the pocket.”

For rock drummers, this book can be a bridge to developing a jazz feel by playing along with these greats. The solos are not rudimental in nature. While the rudiments are referenced, the book is designed to guide you and help you develop a jazz feel. Ultimately, this is a book to help your improvisational skills.

eBook | 77 pages

What People are Saying:

“Albie Berk’s new drum publication, In the Pocket, is a MUST HAVE for any jazz drum set student. Each snare drum transcription of great jazz solos can help you in so many ways: It can help your reading, your jazz phrasing, and your analysis of the great jazz master soloists. And as an alternative and companion to studying jazz drum solos, these rhythmic transcriptions can provide a much-needed gateway into learn how to orchestrate and develop your OWN jazz drum set solos and to really understand the jazz solo language. I can’t give a higher recommendation. I will start using it with my students at UNF this week.”

  • Danny Gottlieb – 4 Time Grammy Award Winner, and 12 Time Grammy Nominee Professor, The University of North Florida, Drummer – Gary Sinise and Lt. Dan Band

“I really think you hit on a great topic for your book and a great way to cover a long needed issue which is melodic drumming with a natural sense of phrasing.”


  • Joe LaBarbara – Bill Evans, Tony Bennett

“Man. This is the best book I have seen in ages! You managed to do something so profoundly unique and useful at the same time. Congrats, Albie!”

  • Ari Hoenig

“Digging your book man! a very well-thought-out system. Drummers need to think about music. Get away from just running patterns and rudimental language. A few people can get away with it, but this definitely helps expand the musical vocabulary for drummers.”

  • Adam Nussbaum

“Your book is a wonderful resource and a fantastic way to connect drumming with both melody and improvisation. It becomes obvious after listening to a few of the great artists’ solos that each one has their own signature way of phrasing. I believe this will help drummers realize each of them has their own way of phrasing as well. Now if we can get the drummers to sing along with the solos it will really make a complete connection!”

  • John Yarling – Jazz Faculty, University of Miami

“This is a terrific book! I’m glad to see that Albie Berk has successfully used the play-along concept to showcase famous jazz melodies in this fashion. Your reading skills will be challenged and improved while you see how the legends used rhythmic variations during their solos. It’s very cool, and fun to play!”

  • Ron Tierno, teacher and author of The Melodic Snare Drummer

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