The Power of Practice

Practice routines designed for long-term improvement on the drumset

The Power of Practice by Andy Sturges provides an intensive series of practice routines designed for long-term improvement on the drumset. The book documents every rhythmical combination possible using the seven quarter- or eighth-note placements within an eighth-note triplet, while keeping the traditional swing ride pattern with the lead hand. Seven different “chunks,” representing the different permutations of the triplet, are presented for practice and memorization, and then applied to other practice approaches.

Several systems are presented for applying the chunks: discipline and unification (playing two or more parts exactly the same time), creativity/ orchestration (a framework for moving rhythms around the drums and creating your own vocabulary), chunking (varying the rhythms through the bar), and paradigm shift (dividing the rhythm among hands and feet). The final section of the book, “threads,” presents a wide variety of snare drum rhythms, stickings and motifs for practice.

Within each of these sections are multiple suggested variations to create endless hours of productive practice.




  • Andy Sturges


  • Drums


  • Jazz

Skill Level

  • Advanced
  • Intermediate
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