Revolutionizing Rhythm

An avant-garde study guide to the art of advanced drumming, philosophy, personal development, life achievement and success.

Revolutionizing Rhythm, by Seth Davis, is an avant-garde study guide to the art of advanced drumming, philosophy, personal development, and life achievement and success through the exploration of fundamental studies of awareness, consciousness, human nature, and the universal relationship of rhythm and time. This book also includes over 130 videos to accompany the book text and exercises.

Revolutionizing Rhythm is developed for, inspired by, and dedicated to fellow drummers, musicians, and sophophilics and offers players of any instrument the opportunity to study creative rhythmical examples based on innovative philosophies and theories applicable and practical to arranging and composing percussion.

Seth’s book is specifically designed to assist musicians seeking to develop a deep and intuitive understanding of universal rhythm, time, and timing, resulting in an expanded musical vocabulary and a higher level of rhythmic sophistication.

Davis’ drum lessons use the ABCs of advanced drumming disciplines to teach vertical and horizontal time, create compositions with futuristic rhythms, and focus on time and groove with an emphasis on the backbeat, rather than exercises or patterns that can lead to overplaying and rhythmic rambling.

The lesson layout in this book is arranged and organized by meter. From 4/4 to 25/16, each example gradually increases in complexity due to advancing signatures, complex compounding, and dynamic value.

This rhythm resource highlights Seth Davis’ artistic alphabet and musical vocabulary and is based on his personal and professional life experience.

eBook | 155 Pages | Includes 133 Videos

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  • Seth Davis


  • Drums

Skill Level

  • Advanced
  • Intermediate
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