Al Miller: 1000 Solos

A classic book from legendary drum teacher Al Miller.

1000 Solos is the new version of the classic book from legendary drum teacher Al Miller. The book contains triplet variations to be practiced as fills around the drums as well as with limb independence in a jazz style (snare drum, bass drum, and combined). Each of the 10 routines are demonstrated in video files by Matt Miller, who has restored his father’s books series. Terry Branam provides audio tracks that also demonstrate various examples from the book.

I studied with Al in 1973, having heard of his legendary drumming status for years. Al’s books on triplets and 16th notes played an important role in the development of my technical skills. His top-notch teaching and drumming skills were equally matched by his warm personality.
– Rod Morgenstein

From the foreword by Joe Bergamini:

I had the privilege of studying with Al Miller from 1992 to 1994. Having not gone to college for music, Al filled in many gaps in my knowledge and I am deeply indebted to him. After studying with Dom Famularo for several years, Dom sent me to Al as well, and I’d make the drive from New Jersey to Long Island to spend a day studying with both great teachers. Al built my sight-reading skills, taught me about jazz, drilled me with big band charts, and taught me a lot of the college-level material and literature many of my peers learned in universities.

He also presented me  his system of teaching the basic concepts of jazz and swing drumming, which are presented in this book, and which I use as a cornerstone of my own teaching to this very day. This is a streamlined and eloquent system that can be approached by the earliest beginner to the drumset, and also used by experienced players to fine-tune their vocabulary. The various routines contained in the book tackle the key concepts of the instrument: playing phrases, getting around the drums, learning independence between the limbs, and learning to read and execute swung figures on a chart.

Al’s son Matt now presents this new edition by having reviewed and restored the manuscript (with Terry Branam) and beautifully demonstrates concepts from the book on the included videos. In those videos you’ll see and hear Matt, a tremendous player in his own right, play with a smooth, tasty sound and feel that surely has his dad smiling down from above. I’m proud to call Al Miller one of my teachers, and I am sure you will enjoy this timeless gem of a drum book.

Joe Bergamini

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  • Al Miller


  • Drums


  • Jazz

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  • Intermediate
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