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Steve Smith Solo Pack


Steve Smith is an acknowledged master of the drum solo, and in this pack he performs and explains three well-constructed drum solos, including the famous drum solo from Journey’s Captured. There is also extensive information written by Steve (in the pack info section for this pack) to explain the Indian/Konnakol concepts used in the final solo.

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The Ultimate Drummers Weekend 11


This 11th Anniversary DVD of the Australian Ultimate Drummers Weekend features performances and clinics by Vera Figueiredo, John Blackwell Jr., Thomas Lang, Jimmy DeGrasso, Andrew Glander, King Marong, and Pete Drummond

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Drumset Technique and History of the U.S. Beat


The most in-depth study of drumming technique ever done on video as well as a thorough and fascinating survey of the evolution of the primary drum set pulse in the music or the U.S., from Ragtime to Fusion.

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Steve Smith Live at the Drummers Collective


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