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Styles: Drum Solos




Drumset Concepts & Creativity


Designed to help you find your unique voice on the drumset.

Snare Drum Duets


25 duets for 2 snare drummers.

Cross Sticking Studies

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Exercises For Moving Around The Drumset

Kennan Wylie: Drumset Method 2


Designed to help the beginning drummer explore four-limb independence.

Rhythm and Drumming Demystified


A method to expand vocabulary while improving reading, timekeeping, coordination, phrasing, and polyrhythmic skills.

Open Handed Playing


Outlines all the benefits of avoiding the crossing of hands when playing the drumset and provides an incredibly detailed, complete, and approachable method for learning this technique.

Pedal Control


A complete method for improving the ability of your feet on the drumset

Complete Double Bass Drumming Explained


The Reference and The Workbook Revised, Expanded, & Updated

Creative Control (Book)

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Play along charts, songs and exercises designed to build technique and vocabulary on the drum set.

From: $13.99