Complete Double Bass Drumming Explained

The Reference and The Workbook Revised, Expanded, & Updated

The Complete Double Bass Drumming Explained, by Ryan Bloom, is a combined and revised print edition of two previously available ebooks, Double Bass Drumming Explained: A Comprehensive Reference on the Art and Science of Double Bass and Double Bass Drumming Explained Part 2: The Workbook.

The ebooks were created in 2012 and 2013. The first book was intended to stand alone as a reference on technique and equipment settings, but numerous requests for more exercises resulted in the publication of the second book. Since the two books ought to be used together, it only makes sense that they be combined into one comprehensive edition. As with the original publications, the first part of this book is a technical guide with a few quick examples, and the second part is a practical, traditional drum book. With both books, the goal was to create an educational product that would be unique in its scope of coverage and applicable directly to the real world. The information that I present in this book comes from 20 years of my own experience taking lessons, practicing, studying, touring, and recording. That practical knowledge was then filtered through a classical university music education and tested in my teaching studio where I am constantly learning new things about drumming by watching the successes and failures of my students. My hope is that this edition will serve as the ultimate guide to double bass drumming for both students of the instrument as well as teachers of it.

Whether you are a drum student looking to develop new skills or a teacher with skills ready to pass on, this book will help you with the mechanics and conceptual basis for many aspects of double bass. Any teacher knows that teaching a skill is different than simply being personally proficient. Armed with the background knowledge in this edition, an already solid drum teacher can further expand their ability to pass double bass on to others effectively and efficiently. In this way, the book is truly meant for players of all ability levels.




  • Ryan Bloom


  • Drums


  • Drum Solos
  • Fusion
  • Metal
  • Prog
  • Rock
  • Technique

Skill Level

  • Advanced
  • Intermediate
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