Thrash Metal Drumming

A history and in-depth look at thrash metal drumming.

Thrash Metal Drumming, by Ryan Bloom, is an in-depth look at thrash metal drumming, and thrash-related styles such as rock, punk and skank beats.

Featuring sections on double bass, blast beats, fills, feel changes, cymbal chokes, kit setup and more. Includes 64 transcribed phrases from actual thrash recordings, plus over 30 audio examples throughout the book (audio files are also made available for download).

Thrash Metal Drumming also includes tips and advice for tone, touring, kit setup, health, and tempo, plus a short history of thrash and a listening list.

eBook | 40 Pages | 32 Audio Tracks

Book Preview:




  • Ryan Bloom


  • Drums


  • Metal
  • Thrash

Skill Level

  • Intermediate
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