Cross Sticking Studies

Exercises For Moving Around The Drumset

Cross Sticking Studies, by Ron Spagnardi, is a collection of exercises developed to help improve your movement around the drumset.

Cross-sticking is the term used for moving from one drum to another with one hand crossing over the other, as opposed to moving from drum to drum in the conventional manner.

This technique has been used by many great players over the years, such as Buddy Rich, Joe Morello, and Louie Bellson, who dazzled audiences with exciting criss-crossing motions around the kit. In fact, drummers like these performed cross-sticking maneuvers with such speed and fluency, many drum students were left baffled by what was actually being played.

Cross-Sticking Studies was designed to take the mystery out of the concept.

By following the series of progressive exercises laid out here, drummers who already possess a substantial level of solo skills—but who want to add a greater degree of rhythmic and visual interest to their solo work—will better understand the technique, and develop a good measure of facility on their own.

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Skill Level

  • Intermediate
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