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Symmetrical Stickings

Pete Lockett takes a deep dive into paradiddle grooves.

In this book, Symmetrical Stickings, Pete Lockett takes a deep dive into paradiddle grooves. Starting with the very basic paradiddle form, he progresses with exercises and ideas in 4/4, 6/8, 5/4, and finally 7/4. In all, there are 68 pages full of new exercises, patterns and concepts!

Whether you’re developing a funk groove, playing a four bar jazz break or hitting a “Keith Moon” rock solo, the paradiddle rudiments are indispensable. Drummers as varied as Steve Gadd, Elvin Jones and Keith Moon have all made great use of them.

The content of the series focuses on sticking patterns derived from the symmetrical concept of the paradiddle, where the second half of the sticking is the exact opposite of the first half. This book is part one of a three part series looking at sticking patterns applied to the snare drum, drum set and congas.

“Follow this book as far as it will lead you, and your efforts will be amply rewarded. Just when you think there is not much more you can do with a paradiddle, Lockett comes along with this deceptively simple looking volume that will keep you busy fo r years”

-Bill Bruford, British Drum Legend

“Once you have journeyed with Stick Control by George L. Stone, you can continue with SYMMETRICAL STICKINGS by Pete Lockett! 21st century playing requires 21st century ideas!”

Dom Famularo, Drumming’s Global Ambassador

About Pete Lockett

Pete Lockett is one of the most versatile multi-percussionists currently in the world, having immersed himself in percussion and drums from every part of the globe. The wide range of artists he’s worked with reflects the diversity of his playing.

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