Kanjira: A Beginner’s Guide

A new approach to an ancient instrument.

Kanjira, an eBook by Pete Lockett, is a beginner’s guide to learning to play the Kanjira.

For the first time, this amazing instrument is presented in the style of a “Western drum book”. Using notation and recorded examples, more than the traditional syllables, the material is laid out in a clear step-by-step way that blazes a simple path towards the basic technique.

Starting from the fundamentals of holding the drum, striking the drum and sound production, the reader is taken through a myriad of steps towards creatively developing their own grooves and styles.

The focus is on students who want to incorporate this drum into contemporary music genres such as jazz, pop and rock, but also serves as an excellent starting place for those who want to go on and study the traditional music of South India.

eBook | 126 Pages | 1300+ Audio examples

Book Preview:




  • Pete Lockett
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