Bars, Beats & Building Blocks

Pete Lockett

An extensive toolbox to expand your rhythm concepts, creativity, and understanding.

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Bars, Beats & Building Blocks $14.99

With Bars, Beats & Building Blocks, internationally acclaimed percussionist and drummer Pete Lockett provides a system for practicing, internalizing and thinking about rhythms that will increase your command, creativity, and rhythmic understanding on the drums. Using a system of “partitions,” Pete challenges you to take rhythmic cells and expand them in various ways, including changing voicings on the kit, adding foot ostinatos, changing foot patterns for further coordination, creating linear fills, and more.

Known for his mastery of Indian rhythms, Pete takes his groupings, both odd and even, and applies them to matrices of time, playing them in different subdivisions and modulating into different rhythmic rates. Later in the book, Pete presents rhythmic templates for creating grooves using the “building block” system. As he mentions in the book, this system presents a nearly infinite number of combinations to inspire your creativity and ability.

With 157 pages jammed with challenging ideas, Beats, Bars & Building Blocks will have you spending many productive hours in the practice room! The digital book comes complete with audio examples embedded for easy reference.