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Survival Guide for the Modern Drummer


A Crash Course in All Musical Styles for Drumset.

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Groove Essentials: The Sampler


Groove Essentials Sampler featuring 12 charts and tracks!

The Drumset Musician


The musical approach to learning drumset.

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Kennan Wylie: Drumset Method 1


Designed for anyone just learning to play the drumset!

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Rhythm and Drumming Demystified


A method to expand vocabulary while improving reading, timekeeping, coordination, phrasing, and polyrhythmic skills.

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Odd Feelings



A book/Audio package that will get you playing comfortably in odd time signatures.

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Musical Phrasing on the Drumset


The focus of this book is the creation of expressive and musical-sounding phrase ideas, some of which are advanced and complex.

Musical Drumming in Different Styles


Musical Drumming In Different Styles brilliantly showcases Gregg’s well rounded stylistic approach to drumming with over four hours of essential insights that have helped Gregg make a career out of being a great all-around drummer.

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Chris Pennie: Modern Drummer 2010


Chris Pennie kicks things off with his performance at the 2010 Modern Drummer Festival.

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