Kennan Wylie: Drumset Method 1

Gregg Bissonette, Kennan Wylie

Designed for anyone just learning to play the drumset!

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Kennan Wylie: Drumset Method 1 $14.99

The HAL LEONARD DRUMSET METHOD, by Kennan Wylie with Gregg Bissonette, is designed for anyone just learning to play the drumset.

This comprehensive and easy-to-use beginner’s guide is based on years of teaching drum students of all ages. Includes hours of audio tracks for demonstration and play-along, plus video lessons by drum master Gregg Bissonette!

This book is designed to help the beginning drummer develop hand and foot technique, read music, play basic rock beats and fills, develop coordination and independence, play basic jazz patterns, and much more. Basic drumming exercises are included, as well as audio demonstration and play-along tracks, plus video lessons.

66 Pages | 142 Audio Tracks | 38 Video Lessons (featuring Gregg Bissonette)