Odd Feelings

A book/Audio package that will get you playing comfortably in odd time signatures.

Odd Feelings will get you comfortable playing in odd time signatures. Using a simple yet effective counting system, this book will give you a method for breaking down odd meters in a way that works for you. Based on a concept introduced in Dom Famularo’s best-selling book It’s Your MoveOdd Feelingspresents grooves and exercises in 18 different time signatures. Divided into chapters on quarter-, eighth-, and sixteenth-note based meters, with an additional section about mixed-meter grooves, Odd Feelings also includes eight play-along tracks designed to get you grooving in these different time signatures.

A multimedia disc is included which contains MP3s and QuickTime videos. The MP3s demonstrate selected examples and include the play-along tracks minus drums. The videos also highlight various examples from the book, and include demos of the play-along tracks. All of the tracks are performed by author Massimo Russo.

Massimo Russo is an Italian drummer with various performing and recording credits. A well-known educator across Europe, he is the Italian director of the Wizdom Woodshed Drum School.

Dom Famularo is drumming’s global ambassador and one of the most sought-after drumming educators in the world. He is the author of five books and currently teaches over 1000 students from 20 different countries, while continuing to travel the world as a clinician and education director for Sabian, Vic Firth, Evans, and Mapex.




  • Drums


  • Odd Time

Skill Level

  • Advanced
  • Intermediate
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