The Mighty Two: Louie Bellson & Gene Krupa

Rare sheet music transcription  from "The Mighty Two"!

Louie Bellson and Gene Krupa were both jazz drumming innovators, lifelong students of the drums and each, in their own way, were also devoted to teaching. This commitment to teaching led to the recording of a unique project “The Mighty Two.”

With their lifelong personal and professional association and love of education, it was inevitable that the two would team up for some kind of project. Since this was before the age of video, the two decided to make it a print and audio recording. Louie has said the idea for the project was Gene’s and the concept was to apply the 26 rudiments to jazz arrangements. Arranger Fred Thompson was commissioned to write some tight orchestrations for an eight-piece group that included saxophonist Phil Woods. Then Louie and Gene got to work coming up with ways to incorporate flams, paradiddles, various rolls, drags and other rudiments to 10 songs. Two Krupa/Bellson duets were later added to fill out the album. It was recorded in May of 1963 and released on Roulette Records, Louie’s record company at the time.

What made the project extra special was the booklet of transcriptions that came with the vinyl record. While the recording itself has been issued in various forms over the years, the actual booklet of music has remained a rarity…. Until now !!

eBook | 34 pages

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  • Gene Krupa
  • Louie Bellson


  • Drums

Skill Level

  • Advanced
  • Intermediate
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