Dave Tough’s Advanced Paradiddle Exercises

200 paradiddle combinations featuring single, double and triple paradiddles.

Dave Tough’s Advanced Paradiddle Exercises features 200 paradiddle combinations. This rare and out of print book featuring single, double and triple paradiddles, with variations applied across both duple and triplet rhythms. Drummers can use this book to develop dexterity and vocabulary, explore applications to drumset, or use it as a terrific reading exercise.

From Dave Tough:

“I have designed this book for the advanced student who has a knowledge of the rudiments of drumming. The book deals with the three forms of paradiddles — single, double and triple, each form represented and mixed in each of the two hundred exercises.

This will assure him of improved coordination, technical development and fluency of sticking in his practical day-to-day playing. It will be invaluable to the individual, while practising these exercises, to play two or four foot beats to the bar.

“To my knowledge, this is the only book published that is devoted entirely to varied paradiddle exercises.

“In conclusion, I have found that too little time is devoted to the practising of varied combinations of paradiddles, and it is my sincere hope that this book will prove to be an aid in acquiring a well-rounded system of drumming.”

eBook | 100 pages




  • Dave Tough


  • Drums


  • Rudimental
  • Technique

Skill Level

  • Advanced
  • Intermediate
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