Start Grooving – Drums (Level 1)

12 basic level drum play-along tracks - Many different styles of music.

The first book in a series of 3 drum play-along books from author Bernhard Lackner. Book 1 is for basic level tunes, Book 2 is at the intermediate level, and Book 3 is for advanced level tunes.

“My goal for this particular book was not only to compose fun to play songs while keeping the drum part very simple, but also to offer a variety of styles. I personally am happy with the result and enjoyed jamming along with these tunes. I think you will too! I hope that this song book will help you to apply your current skills in more performance-oriented settings.”

Features 12 charts and tracks, including audio with and without drums.

  • Bass, Keys, Programming: Bernhard Lackner
  • Drums: Derico Watson
  • Piano: Christian Wegscheider, Christian Stueckelschweiger Guitar: Oliver Keller
  • Vocals, Guitar: Scott Bernard
  • Additional Vocals: Cory Friesenhan/Black Octopus Sound, MVP, Don G, Vocology, Clare Evers/House Acapella

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Book Preview:


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  • Bernhard Lackner


  • Drums

Skill Level

  • Beginner
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