Fretless: The Right Hand Attack and Touch

Mark Egan focuses on the oft neglected right hand and helps you to improve your attack and touch. The lessons are also useful for fretted players looking for right hand guidance. For beginning players.

In this pack, Mark Egan helps you to strengthen your right hand so that you are free to play what you hear. These exercises are valuable for all players and should become a part of your everyday practice routines. Be sure to start each exercise at a tempo that is comfortable and that allows you to play precisely and in time. As you get comfortable you can then speed up the exercises to Mark’s tempo and beyond!

Be sure to check out Mark Egan’s other excellent packs that will help you to continue your journey on fretless bass.

Here are the lessons that appear in this pack:

  • The Right Hand
  • String Crossing
  • Speed Exercise
  • Triplets and String Crossing
  • Deconstructing a Melody for Right and Left Hand Practice
  • Starting on Your Second Finger




  • Mark Egan


  • Bass


  • All Styles
  • Technique

Skill Level

  • Beginner
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