Fretless – First Notes

Mark Egan gets you started with your new fretless bass by giving you a comprehensive set of seven exercises that focus on intonation.

In this pack, Mark Egan offers a comprehensive set of exercises to help you improve your intonation on the fretless bass. In Practice Mode, you should slow these exercises down until you are sure you are in tune and then speed them back up as you become more comfortable.

Be sure to check out Mark Egan’s other excellent packs that will continue your journey on fretless bass.

Here are the lessons that appear in this pack:

  • Basic Intonation 1: Finding Common Open and Fretted Notes
  • Basic Intonation 2: Open Fifths
  • Intonation Using Thirds
  • The ii-V-I Progression
  • Major Triads Exercise
  • Using Fifths for Intonation and Strength
  • Fifths Up an Octave




  • Mark Egan


  • Bass


  • All Styles
  • Jazz
  • Technique

Skill Level

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
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