Purchase Options & Information

If you have purchased books and are having trouble accessing them, please click here to learn how to access your purchased books.

There are two ways to purchase books from the Musicians Institute Bookstore:

  • In-app purchase via our iOS apps
  • Purchase through our webstore, HudsonMusic.com

iTunes in-app Purchases

Books purchased through iOS apps are delivered and managed by Apple (iOS and iTunes). In app purchases available through Apple stores provide an easy and convenient method of purchasing books. Books purchased through in-app purchase using iTunes will be available for viewing on any iOS device using your Apple ID.

  • Books purchased through the iTunes store will only be available for viewing on devices running iOS. You will not be able to view these purchases on Desktop reader apps.

Webstore Purchases

Books purchased through our webstore offer the most flexible options for viewing. Using your Hudson Music Bookstore ID, you will be able to access and view purchased books in our iOS and Desktop Reader applications. During your first purchase and checkout at HudsonMusic.com, you will create a user account and password which you will be able to use across multiple platforms and devices in order to download and view your purchases.

Your Digital License

Digital Products are offered with a single-user license, and may not be shared by more than one person or user – in other words, each person is required to purchase his or her own books for use. Each user/customer is permitted to download and access their purchased Digital Products on three (3) devices at one time. When you purchase access to the Digital Products you are purchasing a non-transferable, non-exclusive right to access the information. You may not publish or share the Digital Products or your login details with anyone else.  User accounts found to be in violation of this terms of use will be suspended and access to Digital Products will be revoked immediately.