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The Beat Matrix Unlocked: Loops & Samples

A collection of loops and sample kits from Mark Colenburg’s The Beat Matrix Unlocked Book/Video

Getting the right sound and feel is everything. Mark Colenburg, along with master engineer Blair Wells, produced this set of loops and drum kit samples in conjunction with his book/video package The Beat Matrix Unlocked to help further your exploration and creativity on the drum set. These loops can be loaded into your sampler, multipad or DAW to practice The Beat Matrix Unlocked concepts, write music, or to create your own beats and grooves.

Loops and Sample Kits are delivered as 24 bit, 44.1 kHz stereo wav files. Files are delivered via instant download – you will be able to download them immediately after purchase.

This product is part of a series which features The Beat Matrix Unlocked Instructional Book/Video, and The Beat Matrix Unlocked Play-Alongs.

The Beat Matrix Loops

Produced by: Mark Colenburg and Blair Wells

70’s Loops

  • Mark Colenburg 70’s 114 bpm.wav
  • Mark Colenburg 70’s 176 bpm.wav
  • Mark Colenburg 70’s 100 bpm.wav
  • Mark Colenburg 70’s 154 bpm.wav
  • Mark Colenburg 70’s 83 bpm.wav

Drum and Bass Loops

  • Mark Colenburg D&B 172 bpm.wav
  • Mark Colenburg D&B 174 bpm.wav
  • Mark Colenburg D&B 171 bpm.wav
  • Mark Colenburg D&B 220 bpm.wav
  • Mark Colenburg D&B 180 bpm.wav
  • Mark Colenburg D&B 184 bpm.wav

Gospel Loops

  • Mark Colenburg GP 122 bpm.wav
  • Mark Colenburg GP 155 bpm.wav
  • Mark Colenburg GP 154 bpm.wav
  • Mark Colenburg GP 95 bpm.wav
  • Mark Colenburg GP 112 bpm.wav
  • Mark Colenburg GP 150 bpm.wav
  • Mark Colenburg GP 100 bpm.wav

Hip Hop Loops

  • Mark Colenburg HP 94 bpm.wav
  • Mark Colenburg HP 100 bpm.wav
  • Mark Colenburg HP 97.3 bpm.wav
  • Mark Colenburg HP 102 bpm.wav
  • Mark Colenburg HP 92 bpm.wav HP 94 bpm.wav
  • Mark Colenburg HP 92.8 bpm.wav

Trap Loops

  • Mark Colenburg TP 164 bpm.wav
  • Mark Colenburg TP 155 bpm.wav
  • Mark Colenburg TP 123 bpm.wav
  • Mark Colenburg TP 130 bpm.wav
  • Mark Colenburg TP 260 bpm.wav

Sample Kits

  • 70’s Kit- 15 samples
  • Drum and Bass Kit- 17 samples
  • Gospel Kit- 7 samples
  • Hip Hop Kit- 9 samples
  • Trap Kit- 7 samples
  • Audio Examples:

  • 70s Loop: 154 BPM (Demo):
  • Drum 'n' Bass Loop: 172 BPM (Demo):
  • Gospel Loop: 112 BPM (Demo):
  • Hip Hop Loop: 94 BPM (Demo):
  • Trap Loop: 155 bpm (Demo):

About Mark Colenburg

Mark Colenburg is a Grammy-Award Nominee hip-hop drummer.

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