The Beat Matrix Unlocked: Play-Alongs


Accompanying play-along tracks to Mark Colenburg’s The Beat Matrix Unlocked Book/Video.

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Now you can apply the concepts and beats learned in Mark Colenburg’s The Beat Matrix Unlocked, using these contemporary, hip-hop style play-along tracks. Produced by Mark Colenburg and special guest producer/guitarist Chris Sholar. Each track features two audio¬†files – a full performance featuring Mark Colenburg on drums, and a minus-drums play-along mix, where you can add your own flavor. Tracks available as single downloads, or as a bundle that includes all 12 tracks!

Play-Along tracks are delivered via instant download – you will be able to download them immediately after purchase.

Available Tracks

  • Code
  • Resolved (Feat. Chris Sholar)
  • Swaggestry
  • Light Speed (Feat. Chris Sholar)
  • Beat Tables (Feat. Chris Sholar)
  • Afro Math (Feat. Chris Sholar)
  • Circle Squared (Feat. Chris Sholar)
  • BPM
  • Unlocked
  • Juxtapose (Feat. Chris Sholar)
  • Vibes (Feat. Chris Sholar)
  • Technodrum

Music Credits

  • Produced by: Mark Colenburg, Chris Sholar
  • Mixed & Mastered by: Blair Wells
  • Special Guest Artist: Chris Sholar (Vocals, Guitar, Keys) Programming, Drums, Aux Keys: Mark Colenburg Additional Musicians:
    Programming: Daniel Steele (tracks 4,5,6,10) Keyboards: Cory Fuller (9)
  • Written by: Mark Colenburg, Chris Sholar
  • Mac Burg Music (ASCAP), Emoni-Miles Music (ASCAP)


  • Code- (C.S, M.C.)
  • Resolved- (C.S.)
  • Swaggestry- (C.S, M.C.)
  • Light Speed- (C.S.)
  • Beat Tables- (C.S, M.C)
  • Afro Math- (C.S.)
  • Circle Squared- (M.C, C.S)
  • Bpm- (M.C.)
  • Unlocked- (M.C.).
  • Juxtapose- (C.S, M.C.)
  • Vibes- (C.S,M.C.)
  • Technodrum- (M.C.)

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Our play-along tracks are the perfect way to learn a new style, keep your chops sharp on something you already know, or just let loose and have some fun on the kit!

Each play-along features an audio track without drums, and detailed chart/transcription to guide you through the tune. When available, we also include a reference track with drums, so you can check out what another drummer played on the same track.

After purchase, you will receive a link to download your track and chart. Files are delivered in a .zip file that when expanded will include your audio track (usually as an mp3 file), and your chart as a pdf.