Phrasing & Soloing Pack

Drumming legend and jazz master Peter Erskine eloquently and humorously presents sophisticated and useful concepts for musical phrasing and expression on the drums.

In this pack, drumming legend and jazz master Peter Erskine teaches you some sophisticated concepts that will take your playing to a much higher musical and artistic level. Peter eloquently and humorously explains phrasing concepts that give musicality and expression to drumming. Included are topics such as understanding how the jazz greats phrase common rhythms, how to phrase a melody, and how to apply phrasing concepts to soloing. Several fantastic playing examples are shown in each lesson, and a wonderful short solo is performed in lesson 4. Peter describes this pack as “the best videotaped lesson I have given.”

Here are the lessons that appear in this pack:

  1. Legato Phrasing (Sticks & Brushes)
  2. Melodic Phrasing
  3. Back Phrasing
  4. Drum part to Don Grolnick’s “Pools,” and Baião
  5. Soloing Concepts
  6. “Goodies”: Tone, Crashes, and Stickings
  7. Peter Erskine New Trio: “Chorinho for Tati”




  • Peter Erskine


  • Drums


  • Jazz

Skill Level

  • Advanced
  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
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