Liquid Drum Theater

Mike performs eight songs/segments and breaks down parts from both Liquid Tension Experient records, as well as material from Dream Theater records, explaining how to develop atoolbox of fills and patterns to draw from.

Disc One features music from both CDs by Liquid Tension Experiment and includes footage shot at Millbrook Studios where both were recorded.

Mike Portnoy performs eight songs/segments and breaks down parts from each, explaining how to develop a toolbox of fills and patterns to draw from.Featured throughout is exclusive footage of the making of the first LTE album, as well as rare live footage of the band.

Special DVD Features: Two Bonus, Live Performances, one by Dream Theater and one by Liquid Tension Experiment! Over twenty minutes of new footage!

Also features a full-length commentary by Mike, a camera switching option, allowing the viewer to “direct” four studio performances, and more!

About Mike Portnoy

Mike Portnoy was born on April 20, 1967 and raised in Long Beach, New York, where his interest in music started at an early age. “My father was a rock n’ roll disc jockey, so I was always surrounded by music constantly. I had this huge record collection when I was real young and loved the Beatles and then later on Kiss. It was inevitable that I’d become a musician.”

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