Adrenaline Mob “Believe Me”

In this pack, Mike Portnoy performs "Believe Me" from Adrenaline Mob, and then teaches several grooves and fills from the song. Mike's exciting fill concepts presented here are perfect for adding some creativity to your own fills.

Drumming superstar Mike Portnoy has created several lesson packs exclusively for Drum Guru™! Mike is one of the most popular drummers in the world, and an acknowledged master in the progressive and metal styles. Here he presents you with some great drum lessons that you can apply to your own playing.

Mike’s “Song Packs” feature an exclusive in-studio performance of a song followed by individual lessons that analyze the techniques contained in that song. This is the Mike Portnoy Song Pack 2, in which Mike performs the Adrenaline Mob song “Believe Me.” Mike demonstrates his drum parts both at normal speed and at a slow tempo, and the “practice mode” includes note-for-note transcriptions of all the grooves and fills that are explained.

Here are the lessons that appear in this pack:

  • “Believe Me” Performance
  • “Believe Me” Intro Groove
  • “Believe Me” Verses
  • “Believe Me” Fill in Verse #1
  • “Believe Me” Fill in Verse #2
  • “Believe Me” Chorus Pattern
  • “Believe Me” Fill in 2nd Chorus
  • “Believe Me” Fill in 3rd Chorus
  • “Believe Me” Middle Section
  • Big Fill at End of Last Chorus




  • Mike Portnoy


  • Drums


  • Double Bass
  • Metal
  • Rock

Skill Level

  • Advanced
  • Intermediate
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