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Learn to Read Rhythms!


The BEST and most COMPLETE Rhythm Reading Curriculum…ever.

Learn to Read Rhythms! $29.99

Reading rhythms is not hard, if you have the right teacher! World renowned drummer/educator Pat Petrillo has created the ULTIMATE PLAY ALONG VIDEO READING PACKAGE that will teach you HOW TO READ RHYTHMS… PLUS, it comes with a 100 page eBook of all the lessons.


In these video lessons, Pat starts from the absolute beginning, and progresses in a logical and systematic way. No matter your experience level, you will become a better rhythm reader and musician!

The on-screen graphic pointer follows each rhythm example as Pat guides and counts, while you play along and learn. As you learn new rhythms, each example includes the previous rhythm learned to insure retention and continuity.

Pat’s methodology of associating how each rhythm LOOKS with how it SOUNDS will make you a more confident reader.

This complete curriculum has examples that will teach you:

  • Essential Rhythm Notation: Quarter, Eighth, Sixteenth Note Combinations with Rests.
  • All Dotted Rhythm and Rest Combinations.
  • How to Read Syncopation Notation in “Straight” and “Swing” Interpretation.
  • All Triplet Rhythm Combinations, simple to advanced.
  • Odd Time Signature examples from simple to advanced.
  • How to Follow Essential Chart “Road Maps”, “Repeats”, “D.S”, D.C”, “Codas”.
  • Each Example Performed at 2 Tempos.
  • 105 Page eBook.


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