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Study and absorb ONE legendary segment of Roy Haynes vocabulary!

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With Tim Carman’s Haynes-ISM, by utilizing one segment of vocabulary—you read that right, only ONE!—played often by Roy Haynes, we will create hundreds of exercises. This one piece of vocabulary, which we’ll refer to as our ISM, will be turned inside out and upside down, run through different time signatures, phrase lengths, and song forms, with the end result being the complete absorption of a fantastic piece of vocabulary played by Haynes and more importantly, the freedom to create your own interpretations of this ISM.

This book will explore three ways Haynes develops and alters the phrase:

  1. Permutation – shifting the starting location of the pattern within the measure
  2. Orchestration – moving the pattern to different drums or sound sources
  3. Subdivision Variation – “stretching” or “shrinking” the pattern by utilizing various subdivisions like triplets, eighth notes, and sixteenth notes.

Additionally, we will utilize the ISM in 12-, 16-, and 32-bar song forms, and in various time signatures!

Finally, the book contains more than 10 transcriptions of Haynes’ soloing and comping, as well as a list of source material to check out! Among the songs analyzed and transcribed are “Down Home” (Roy Haynes Trio, Just Us), “Louise” (Steve Lacy, The Straight Horn of Steve Lacy), “Have You Met Miss Jones” (McCoy Tyner, Reaching Fourth), “Just One of Those Things” (Charlie Parker, The Cole Porter Songbook), “Scoochie” and “Bad News Blues” (Booker Ervin and Roy Haynes, Cracklin’), “Will You Still Be Mine” and “Well You Needn’t” (Kenny Burrell, A Night At The Village Vanguard), and more!

“Tim has written an in-depth look at how Roy Haynes sings and sobs. A must for students and pros alike.”


Haynes-ISM, by Tim Carman, is the first release from the ISMS series, a group of books based on the famous Bruce Lee quote:

“I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.” Modified for our purposes as follows: “I fear not the MUSICIAN who has practiced 10,000 LICKS once, but I fear the MUSICIAN who has practiced one LICK 10,000 times.”


“Roy didit andidit anditit anditit and now Tim Carman didit!  He has written an in-depth look at how Roy Haynes Sings and Sobs. A terrific insight to what makes this innovative and legendary artist who has influenced us all tick, (if you will). Tim shows us how he didit and didit and didit. Thank you Tim. A must for students and pros alike.”

–  Mike Clark (Author and legendary drummer who has played with Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, Joe Henderson, John Scofield, Christian McBride, Chet Baker, Albert King and more)

“With Haynes-ISM, Tim Carman provides an in-depth look at the vocabulary of the legendary Roy Haynes, with a focused approach of taking a single concept used by Haynes and exploring dozens of different ways it can be applied to expand your drumming vocabulary. This type of approach creates a logic that allows you to create and retain new ideas in an effective manner, thanks to the relationship of the ideas to the main theme. It’s a great educational system, and an inspiring study of one of our true drumming legends. Nice work, Tim!”

– Joe Bergamini (Broadway/touring drummer, author, Hudson Music editor)

“Well, well, Very well done. Tim’s ISM series is really going to be a very worthwhile path to follow. The idea of using the most basic of phrases… singles, doubles and combinations… echoes my own teaching philosophy and playing style actually. It’s always easier to develop and extend a simple idea rather than a complex one. Like how a language is built, vowels and … well you know, it’s all laid out in Haynes-ISMS, a new definitive book on Roy Haynes.”

– Skip Hadden (Drummer, author, and professor at Berklee College of Music)

“Tim Carman has masterfully assembled some excellent insights into Roy Haynes’ playing. Along with crafty exercises to embellish on the nuance of Roy’s ISMS, he taps you in to ‘what it is!’ Highly recommended!”

– Bruce Becker (Drummer and educator seen on Drumeo. Students include David Garibaldi, Daniel Glass, and Tris Imboden)

About Tim Carman

Based in Boston, MA, Tim is an international touring musician, session drummer, educator, and published author with both Alfred Music and Hudson Music. “One of Boston’s most accomplished percussionists can be found in local Tim Carman,” Andrew Maroney of Vanyaland writes, “…If his name sounds familiar, then you’ve probably seen him on the back-line of a number of tremendous Boston groups the past few years. From GA-20 to Julie Rhodes, Carman leaves his indelible imprint on some of Boston’s most illustrious jazz/blues acts.” Tim’s session work earned him a nomination for “Session Musician of the Year” by the Boston Music Awards in 2020.

Tim currently records and tours extensively with GA-20, a two-time Billboard #1 blues trio signed to Karma Chief/Colemine records. He also leads two of his own projects: Tim Carman & The Street 45s—a world-groove inspired funk band—and the Tim Carman Trio—a vintage organ jazz trio (à la Jimmy Smith).

Along with performing, Tim is a dedicated educator with over fifteen years of teaching experience. Tim has released four drum publications. His most recent is a study of Roy Haynes titled “HAYNES-ISM” (Hudson Music, 2022). In 2017 Tim released his first drumset method book titled “Shape Beats for Kids.” Published by Alfred Music, the book utilizes shapes to teach young students basic beats that they can use to play along with popular songs. In 2020 Tim released his second book, “Shape Beats: Drum Notation Simplified,” which can be used by beginning students of all ages. In 2021 Tim released a method for intermediate to advanced drummers titled “Groove Systems: Functional Four-Way Coordination Exercises.” Available through Hudson Music, the book utilizes patterns directly transcribed from 10 unique styles of music as a vehicle for both coordination development and an increase in stylistic vocabulary.


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