Flow in Rhythm

A challenging and refreshing collection of solos to the intermediate and advanced snare drummer.

Flow in Rhythm, by Ricardo Haila, presents a challenging and refreshing collection of solos to the intermediate and advanced snare drummer.

Eleven solos inspired by both traditions of snare drum solos: Wilcoxon(rudimental) and Cirone(concert).

The solos in this book consist of contemporary rhythmic and metric vocabulary with traditional stickings.

eBook | 29 Pages

These solos are challenging both musically and technically and lend themselves to imaginative interpretation and creative practicing
-Ed Soph-

Ricardo’s new snare drum book will challenge your eyes, your hands and your ears. Dig in!
-John Riley-

Check out this interesting and inventive book of snare solos by Ricardo Abihaila. It will no doubt challenge even the most advanced drum lovers.
-Ari Hoenig-

Ricardo has written a wonderful new collection of snare drum solos that are both musical and challenging! With helpful stickings written in and musical dynamic markings, it makes for great set of solos. The odd groupings and rhythmic hurdles make for a challenging, yet musical, study for the serious student.
-Jim Rupp-

Good luck mastering these pieces with lots of sticking surprises that will demand your concentration.
-Jeff Hamilton-

I have had the pleasure of getting to know Ricardo’s musicality over the past year. He is a phenomenal drummer and multi-instrumentalist. His snare drum book comes right out of the Wilcoxson lineage but it has a beautiful modern take. I have had the chance to play through some of the solos and they are challenging but extremely fulfilling to play.
-Dan Weiss-

Ricardo’s new book Flow In Rhythm is a great addition to contemporary snare drum literature. I love the musicality of Ricardo’s compositions. Furthermore, his choice of modern rhythmic patterns will appeal to today’s drum set enthusiasts. Congrats Ricardo on writing a book I want to start practicing!
– Peter Retzlaff –

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  • Ricardo Haila


  • Drums

Skill Level

  • Advanced
  • Intermediate
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