Classic Steve Gadd Grooves & Fills Pack 2

Mauro Cau

Italian drummer and Gadd scholar Mauro Cau presents an in depth analysis of some of Steve Gadd’s signature recorded concepts. A detailed demonstration at three different speeds accompanies each lesson. Note-for-note Gadd video lessons with transcriptions!

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Drum Guru is proud to present one of the most scholarly and detailed analyses of Steve Gadd to appear anywhere. Italian drummer and Gadd scholar Mauro Cau breaks down and analyzes several of Gadd’s signature concepts, drawn from his legendary body of recorded work.

Each of these lessons contains a verbal analysis and summary of the lesson from the author, followed by note-for-note demonstrations of the grooves, fills, solos, and licks at three different tempos for careful study.

  • “Spain” (Al Jarreau, This Time, 1980)
  • “Ace in the Hole” (Paul Simon, One Trick in Pony, 1980)
  • “Last Train to Paradiso” (Dave Grusin, Out of the Shadows, 1982)
  • “Five Brothers” (Dave Grusin, Out of the Shadows, 1982)
  • “Shuffle City”(Dave Grusin, Dave Grusin and the NY-LA Dream Band, 1984)
  • “Things Ain’t What They Used to Be” (The Gadd Gang, Here and Now, 1988)


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