The Holy Grail for total independence at the drum set.

Ambidexterity is one of Joel Rothman’s most important books. This study is the ultimate for developing coordination—designed to help you achieve the Holy Grail for any drummer—total independence of your four limbs at the drum set.

Ambidexterity is a rare gift—very few drummers have been born with it, but Joel’s book puts you directly on the road to attaining it. The study is unique and like no other you’ve ever seen or played before. Truly revolutionary in concept and presentation , it could even be classified as a game book. Easy to read and fun to play, the rhythmic patterns are above and below just one staff line. And there are 11 different ways to play each exercise between your four limbs. It’s a lifetime book you can return to time and time again to continually improve.

eBook | 40 Pages

Book Preview:




  • Joel Rothman


  • Drums

Skill Level

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
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