Fantastic Jazz Drum Book

Joel Rothman's Extraordinarily Phenomenal Undeniably Great Unbelievably Sensational Superbly Magnificent Incredibly Fantastic Jazz Drum Book.

THE FANTASTIC JAZZ DRUM BOOK  is just that—FANTASTIC! Joel Rothman has produced a practical study used by drummers all over the world—it’s a classic for the development of practical jazz independence at the drum set.

Coordinative freedom between the ride cymbal, snare and bass is achieved through a unique system of simple exercises that move slowly but surely through every possible combination of eighth note triplets between the hands and foot. Complete this book, and like thousands of others you can’t fail to be well on your way to becoming a FANTASTIC jazz drummer!

eBook | 48 Pages

Book Preview:




  • Joel Rothman


  • Drums


  • Jazz

Skill Level

  • Intermediate
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