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Groove Essentials: The Sampler


Groove Essentials Sampler featuring 12 charts and tracks!

Groove Essentials 1 Video/Book Combo


This package includes instant access to Groove Essentials 1 video and play-along book, with downloadable audio tracks!

Linear Time Playing


An introduction to linear time playing.

Kennan Wylie: Drumset Method 1


Designed for anyone just learning to play the drumset!

Authentic Blues Drumming

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Learn shuffles, fills, concepts, tips and more from a blues master.

A Rhythmic Twist

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From: $9.99

A Rhythmic Twist: Triplet Concepts for Drumset will give you a huge vocabulary of creative triplet grooves and fills to play in every style. The book does this by taking common, comfortable 16th-note patterns and adapting them into a triplet feel. The results are amazingly musical and refreshingly creative, and will give any drummer tons of new ideas to play within any swing-based groove.

From: $9.99

Groove Alchemy (eBook with Audio)

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The Groove Alchemy Book/Audio package is a complete method for developing a massive vocabulary of grooves in various funk-based styles.

Hands, Grooves & Fills

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From: $19.99

Hands, Grooves & Fills is a complete curriculum for developing technique, groove ideas and a fill vocabulary.

From: $19.99

Groove Essentials 1.0 Book

From: $24.99

The companion book to the best selling Groove Essentials video, this book contains charts and play-along mp3 files for every groove Tommy Igoe plays on the Groove Essentials Video!

From: $24.99

Groove Essentials 1.0 DVD and Book


Get the Groove Essentials 1.0 DVD and Book for one great Price!