Music Education Evolves with eBooks

Hudson Music eBooks increase the effectiveness of music education.

Now included with many of their most popular drumming DVDs, Hudson Music eBooks are the latest innovation from the leader in music instruction—combining the proven benefits of traditional method books with the advantages of modern media to increase the effectiveness of music education for teachers, students and all musicians. 


“Books have always been an important part of music education,” explains Hudson Music co-founder Paul Siegel. “eBooks modernize and advance this system by bringing printed books into the electronic realm. Integrating established forms of media with new ones gives a student the opportunity to absorb lesson material on multiple levels; enhancing the educational process and turning both books and DVDs into more powerful teaching—and learning— tools.” 


hm_ebooks-160x600Going beyond the typical bonus features often included on standard DVDs, Hudson’s eBooks are bonus drum books included free with each Hudson Music DVD. The multiple-page PDF documents are designed and laid out just like conventional books and contain the same type of notated musical examples, exercises and transcriptions. However, an eBook can be accessed and viewed or printed from any computer while its content supports the demonstrations and discussions of the player who is featured on the corresponding DVD. For example, the 28-page eBook included with Hudson’s Modern Drummer Festival™ 2008 DVD package offers printable practice exercises and transcriptions taken directly from the performances and backstage interviews with the eleven world-class drum artists who appeared at the event. In addition, PDF icons, numbered to match the exercises contained in the eBook, appear onscreen during the DVD program; integrating the video and eBook components into a complete educational package. 


Hudson’s exclusive eBook program has been developed under the supervision of the company’s Senior Drum Editor, Joe Bergamini, working with the assistance of transcriber/engraver Willie Rose. In addition to the Modern Drummer Festival 2008 DVD, current Hudson titles with eBooks include:

Antonio Sanchez: Master Series
John Blackwell: Master Series
David Garibaldi: Breaking the Code
Steve Smith: Drum Legacy
Benny Greb: The Language of Drumming
Russ Miller: Arrival/Behind the Glass
Jason Bittner: What Drives the Beat

 Hudson has announced that upcoming DVD projects with Keith Carlock and Aaron Spears will include eBooks, as well. 

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  1. James Wilson

    I really like this idea – I wish that all of the books and DVDs that I currently have were in this format, it would certainly make things easier!

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