Wayne Krantz

HAS played and/or recorded for: Binney, Potter, Fagen, the Breckers, the Dan, Cobham, Atakoglu, Bley, Bailey, Maria, Formanek, Anderson, Schwartz, Stern, Manieri, Anders, Wilkenfeld, Husband, Escreet, Hoenig, Barot, Weyland, Rahbany, Ridl

HAS employed on his own projects: Carlock, Lefebvre, Almond, Novak, Jackson, Lee, Socolow, Wilkenfeld, Danziger, Fig, Chambers, Bullock, Goines, Genus, Alias, Bryant, Hoenig, Binney, Beard, Ephron, Weyland, Mayer, Patitucci, Drayton, Beasley, Anders, Potter, Colaiuta, Wollesen, Palladino, the Staceys, Hey, Wood, Biddle, Tidd, Miura, Hess, Brewer

HAS made 10 records: “Signals” (’91), “Long To Be Loose” (’93), “2 Drink Minimum” (’95), “Separate Cages” (’96), “Greenwich Mean” (’99), “Your Basic Live” (’03), “Your Basic Live ’06″, “Krantz Carlock Lefebvre” (’09), “Howie 61″ (’12), “Good Piranha Bad Piranha” (’14)

HAS made 1 book: “An Improviser’s OS” (2005)

HAS taught at: NYU, Berklee, countless workshops worldwide

BORN, RAISED: Corvallis, Oregon, USA

BELIEFS: Nature, family, music

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