The Code of Funk Now Available as an App for iPad & iPhone

Want to be the engineer on eight Tower of Power tracks? There’s an app for that!!

Hudson Music, in collaboration with drumming master Peter Erskine and renowned mobile app developer Lucas Ives, have just released a brand new app for iPhone and iPad. The Code Of Funk app is adapted from David Garibaldi’s internationally-acclaimed book of the same name.

Giving you the control you want, this powerful app allows you to mix eight Tower of Power tracks from their Oakland Zone record, however you’d l like, via a digital mixing board right on your iPhone or iPad.

Want to listen to the band only? No problem. Feel like just hearing David Garibaldi’s drum part? We’ve got you covered. Maybe you want to isolate the snare to figure out exactly what David played on “Give Me Your Love,” or listen separately to the toms, the kick, or the overheads. We give you the tools to do that — all at your fingertips!

Additionally, each song presents the music in two ways: a one page “lead sheet,” and a full drum part transcribed by David himself.

If that wasn’t enough, we have also included a “Techniques and Tips” section written by David and a stunning photo gallery.

The Code of Funk is available now in the Apple App Store for just $11.99!

Click Here to check out the Code of Funk App at the iTunes App Store.

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