Teacher Spotlight: Andy Luescher

Each month we spotlight a different teacher from our Teacher Integration Program.  This month we look at Switzerland’s Andy Luescher.

1.Where are you located and where do you teach?
I’m located in Binningen City close to Basel, Switzerland.

2. How many students do you teach and what are their range of ability levels?
I have 39 Students (30 to 45 minutes every week) of all ability levels  – mostly beginners/intermediate but also professionals.

3.How are you incorporating new media and technology into your teaching?
I use many play-alongs and also do video sessions showing my students interesting or new DVD’s.

4.Do you have any funny stories or anecdotes from your teaching?
I have of course many.  Here is one: a professional percussionist came to me to learn how to play the drums, he already played vibraphone, marimba, timpani and classical percussion but didn’t know much about the drum set. In our first lesson I said to him, “ok, try to play this  – R L R R L R L L “(which I played slowly) He had some problems memorizing it but after some tries I told him that this pattern is called a PARADIDDLE. “OOOOHHHHH !!!”  he said,  “that is what you mean!!!! “rlrrlrllrlrrlrllrlrrlrllrlrrlrllrlrrlrllrlrrlrllrlrrlrllrlrrlrll …. and he played it like coming from a machine gun … hehe.
5. What are your general thoughts on the future of music, teaching, etc?
Future of music:
I hope there will be more well prepared individual musicians with thier own personality in the future. Today it is just disappointing and boring to see how many unprepared “New Stars” come out , sounding like they are made by the same factory.
Future of Teaching:
A lot of books, play-alongs and DVD’s out there are nothing more than crap. But, there are also many that are just great and a fantastic help for teaching.  To all teachers : USE THEM !!!!!!

You can reach Andy at the following websites:

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