Teacher Spotlight: Adam Hay

Each month we take a closer look at one of our Teacher Integration Program members.  This month we look at Toronto, Canada’s Adam Hay.

Where are you located?

I live in downtown Toronto and I teach out of my studio, at student’s homes, as well as out of a music school called Red House. I hope to be doing lessons via gmail video and skype soon, too.

How many students do you teach and what is the range of their abilities?

I have 42 students and most of them are beginner to intermediate.

What types of technology are you incorporating into your lessons?

I try to get my students to use www.practicesightreading.com to help them learn about notes and rest values and sustain etc. It’s a really killer site. I also encourage them to video tape lessons while asking questions. We work out of Groove Essentials which is a really awesome package. Other than that, it’s pretty much old school all the way – working on fundamentals takes a lot of one-on-one focus, minus all the latest gadgetry.

Do you have any funny stories or anecdotes from your teaching?

I remember one time discovering that I could get a ten year old girl to play an ostinato in three with her feet while soloing with her hands and singing about herself! It was totally ridiculous … I was just blown away!

What are your thoughts about teaching, music, etc?

I love the Harry Truman quote “The only thing new in this world is the history you don’t know.” We’re pretty wrapped up in sensationalism these days, but all you have to do is check out Buddy Rich and Papa Jo Jones solos from the 30s and 40s to have the eyes pop out of your head … those guys must have played and practiced a lot in order to have that much facility on the kit. They say Buddy didn’t practice? I don’t believe that for a second!

Reach Adam via the following: www.adamhay.net, my blog: www.adamhay.blog.cawww.flickr.com/adamhay, and www.youtube.com/yahmada

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