A Rhythmic Twist: Preview Lesson

A Rhythmic Twist: Triplet Concepts for Drumset will give you a huge vocabulary of creative triplet grooves and fills to play in every style. The book does this by taking common, comfortable 16th-note patterns and adapting them into a triplet feel. The results are amazingly musical and refreshingly creative, and will give any drummer tons of new ideas to play within any swing-based groove.

Baby Steps to Giant Steps

A free play along chart and mp3 from Baby Steps to Giant Steps, from Pete Retzlaff and Jim Rupp. This book and CD package is a fantastic method for learning the basics – and beyond – of jazz and swing drumming.

A General Guide to Jazz Drumming

Sherrie Maricle contributes this straight-ahead article on some proven methods for developing techniques utilized in jazz and swing drumming.