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Steve Smith & Raga Bop Trio

Raga Bop Trio is an exciting new project featuring Steve, guitarist Prasanna, and saxophonist George Brooks. The band is grounded in jazz, with its focus on groove, atmosphere, and harmonic adventure. It is also deeply rooted in the rhythmic and melodic traditions of Indian classical music.

Steve Smith

Steve Smith was originally drawn to the drums by hearing marching bands in parades as a child in his native Massachusetts. At age nine, in 1963, Smith began studying the instrument in earnest with local Boston area teacher Bill Flanagan, who played in big bands in the swing era.

The Art of Playing with Brushes

Our mistake is your gain! We accidently omitted this file from the Art of Brushes DVD, and are posting it here for all to have. Includes bios, listening list, and other educational info about learning to play the brushes.

Remember Your History

A key concept of learning to play music is to assimilate the vocabulary, concepts, and techniques of earlier generations of musicians, in order to understand how the musical language of today evolved. This is especially true for drumset players. Today the drumset is used in virtually every style of contemporary music, but for the first 50+ years of its existence (approx. 1900-1950) the drumset was almost exclusively used to play jazz…

Hudson Family Portrait - Namm 2010

NAMM 2010: Photo Gallery

It was great to catch up with old friends at NAMM last week. Check out a photo gallery of Hudson artists and friends at NAMM 2010, including Derek Roddy, Stanton Moore, Thomas Lang, Pete Lockett, Chad Smith, Jason Bittner, Jojo Mayer, Steve Smith, John Blackwell, Rob Wallis, Paul Siegel, Ian Croft, Mike Portnoy, Carmine Appice, Joe Bergamini and Jason Gianni.

Let’s Get Technical!

Smokin’ Chops. Many of us want them but few are fortunate enough to have them. On the other hand, there are those who think you don’t need much technique to play the drumset or that it just gets in the way. For this session of Drum Masters we asked some of today’s most respected drummers why they think working on hand and foot technique is important. According to them, it’s essential to becoming a better player and well worth the effort. Here’s a sampling of what they said.

Steve Smith: Tour Diary

A daily diary and photo gallery of Steve Smith’s clinic tour of Europe, October 2009. Includes daily reports from Steve, as well as a photo gallery! Check it out!

Russ Miller: Rhythmic Conversation

Check out a free play along mp3 and chart from Russ Miller’s Rhythmic Conversations – featuring Steve Smith and Pete Lockett. Also features a free video with performances and interviews!

Steve Smith at the Drum Pad!

Steve Smith and Vital Information – clinic and concert – sponsored by The Drum Pad! Monday, July 13th 7pm…

Teacher Guide:Drumset Technique & History of the US Beat

Part of a series of guides designed to help teachers integrate and utilize DVDs and new books with their students, these teacher guides are carefully constructed to give tips on using the source material, as well as supplemental books that will help to make a more complete educational package. Available in printable PDF format.