Teacher Spotlight – Fran Merante

Each month we take a closer look at one of our Teacher Integration Program members. This month we feature a regular contributor to our newsletter – Fran Merante from USA.

Counting Out Loud by Fran Merante

Our single most important role as drummers is to keep great time. Therefore, it is imperative that what we play as a groove or fill falls correctly against the time being stated. Counting out loud when we practice is one of the greatest tools we have to develop our abilities in this area.

Phrasing by Fran Merante

I would like to share with you a phrasing concept. I was listening to some stuff that Vinnie Colaiuta did with Frank Zappa and there I was again – shaking my head and rolling my eyes. Well one day I became courageous and asked myself how he does it.

Learning to Learn

When all is said and done, how proficient we are on our instrument is not determined by how long we practice, but by how efficient and productive our practice time is.