West African Drumming: Book 2

West African Drumming: Book 2, by Mokhtar Samba, continues the concepts introduced in Book 1.

West African Drumming: Book 2, by Mokhtar Samba, is a continuation of the exploration of the essence of West African Rhythms, as introduced in Book 1.

Featuring in-depth looks at Rhumba Clave, Clave Sabar Binaire (duple feel), Clave Sabar Ternaire (triplet feel), Afro Beat, Gnawa, and Salsa , as well as exercises for each to develop your feel for these traditional patters.

Also included are five play-along tracks that cover each of these approaches. Each play-along includes audio with, and without drums, so you can listen, learn, and try your own grooves.

Divided into 2 volumes, this drum book is one of a kind, it offers the student real compositions that have pedagogic values with their subtleties and variations of rhythm.

Drummer, percussionist, composer, Mokhtar Samba is renowned for his collaboration with major artists such as Salif Keïta, Youssou NʼDour, Carlinhos Brown, Joe Zawinul, Carlos Santana, Jaco Pastorius, Pitura Fresca, Jean Luc Ponty, Manu Dibango and Alpha Blondy…

His cross-culture origins (a Moroccan mother and a Senegalese father), make Mokhtar Samba the right person when it comes to passing on the essence of West African rhythms.

48 Pages | 12 Audio Tracks

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  • Mokhtar Samba


  • Drums


  • West African
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Skill Level

  • Advanced
  • Intermediate
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