Warehouse Bundle Sale – May 2020

Choose your own DVD bundle in our Warehouse Sale Event and Save up to 50%!

Pick any 6 DVDs from the list below for just $30 – up to 50% off the regular price.

Titles Include:

  • Derek Roddy: Blast Beats Evolved
  • Peter Erskine Trio: Live at Jazz Baltica
  • Spanky McCurdy: On Time/Off Time
  • Jason Bittner: What Drives the Beat
  • Mark Schulman: A Day in the Recording Studio
  • Ultimate Drum Lessons: Advanced Independence & Polyrhythms
  • Phil Maturano: Afro Cuban Drumming for the Drumset
  • Classic Rock Drum Solos
  • Modern Drummer Festival 2000

This offer is only available for our US-based customers.


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  • Drums
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