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Vol. 1 Casual Date “Must-Know Grooves”


Russ Miller’s “Working Drummer” series of packs will teach you practical ways to play practically every style of groove that you might encounter on a casual date or recording session. This is “Must-Know” Grooves Vol. 1, including swing, samba, salsa, and more.

Vol. 1 Casual Date "Must-Know Grooves" $3.99

In this “Working Drummers” series, Russ Miller presents the “must-know” that you would be expected to handle on a casual date (sometimes referred to as a “club date”—which could a wedding gig, corporate event, etc.) or a recording session. With extensive experience on every kind of gig from film soundtrack sessions to rock recordings to concerts and casuals, Russ provides these examples from his own experience. You’ll find all these grooves to be useful in many everyday playing situations.

This first pack gets you started on the “must-know” grooves with basic swing, samba, and some common Latin grooves.

Here are the lessons that appear in this pack:

  1. Intro
  2. Two-Beat Swing (“The Society Beat”)
  3. Basic Swing (standard w/vocal)
  4. Samba
  5. Samba variation 2
  6. Bossa Nova
  7. Cha-Cha (w/Abanico)
  8. Salsa (Basic Afro-Cuban)
  9. Bolero

To learn more from Russ, check out his DVD, Arrival: Behind the Glass, available from Hudson Music, and The Drumset Crash Course (DVD and book/CD package, available separately), from Alfred Music Publishing, Inc.


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