Time Trip

A conversation on Rhythmic Illusions.

Time Trip, by Tancredi Lo Cigno, is a discussion on the world of rhythmic illusions. We will explore the theory behind the ideas on the drumset and we will try new applications in order to develop a wider personal vocabulary.

Tancredi writes, :I’ll try to put you in the right mindset telling the story of how the first idea for super-impositions (third chapter), came to me almost by mistake. Years ago I was walking through the streets of Brooklyn and listening to some funk/soul music on my iPod. There was this song that started with a keyboard intro and, probably because in those days I was listening to a lot of ‘odd’ stuff, my ear felt that the intro was in 11/8. I was astounded, is there really a funk/soul band that composes intros so rhythmically complex? Wow. After a few measures the drums came in and I realized that everything was in a simple 4/4. For a moment my drummer self-esteem dropped… but at the same time I asked myself a question: ‘Where did that 11/8 came from?’. I came back to the hotel right away and that day I started the first draft for the first Time Trip clinic. In fact, before becoming a book Time Trip had the form of a Berklee College of Music class, before that it was a masterclass with students on which I could test my ideas, before that it was a simple 1h drum clinic, and even before that it was just me in my practice room trying to understand some advanced rhythmic knowledge without any master or book helping me to approach it.

“That’s why I wrote the book, and I hope it will serve as a toolbox for every drummer (and musician in general) who wants to deepen their rhythmic awareness on the music they are playing. The eight chapters are a step by step guide through basic exercises that will introduce every concept and more advanced personal real life situations where the music required some kind of rhythmic illusion. At both a compositional and improvisational level you will find that every chapter could be a secret weapon to turn the situation around or at least to help you see things from a different rhythmic perspective.”

This eBook covers advanced time keeping and improvisational topics, such as

  • “The Three Pillars”
  • Rhythmic Perspectives
  • Super-Impositions
  • Rhythmic Illusions
  • Composing a Rhythmic Theme
  • Claves

Tancredi closes out Time Trip with a section dedicated to some thoughts about improvisation.

eBook | 43 Pages


The work of Tancredi Lo Cigno is very exciting. It represents an interesting journey inside some very important rhythmic concepts, seen both from an artistic and a mathematic point of view. All of my esteem goes to him.

Maurizio Dei Lazzaretti

Tancredi is a young drummer, but only if you mean his age. His technique is really advanced and he uses his head in the most efficient way towards the instrument. This book helps you understand rhythmic illusions in a detailed manner. It starts from the basic concepts and it evolves them in a very honest and personal way, also illustrating ways to find your own variations on the subject. I recommend it very much, you’ll want to do the work.

Ivano ‘The Big Drummer’ Zanotti

If there’s one rhythmic element that best characterizes the modern drumming, it’s the (re)discovery of polyrhythms. These are arrangement techniques and rhythmic orchestrations that have been used for centuries by so many cultures and that find their ways in the most creative musical genres we have nowadays. This is the reason why this book could be a magical key that helps you open the most mysterious doors of Rhythm and apply them to the drumset. I strongly recommend it!

Alessio Riccio

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  • Tancredi Lo Cigno


  • Drums

Skill Level

  • Advanced
  • Intermediate
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