The Complete Drum Book: Finding Your Own Path

A drum method book by Franck Agulhon & Didier Ottaviani.

The Complete Drum Book: Finding Your Own Path – a drum method book by Franck Agulhon & Didier Ottaviani, focuses on technique, jazz coordination and phrasing, grooves in different styles, polyrhythms, linear, independence, interdependence concepts and odd meter playing.

Developed and refined over Franck Agulhon’s many years of drum teaching, and transcribed by Didier Ottaviani, the book is a collection of concepts, exercises and applications designed to develop a solid foundation of understanding and perception of the “nuts and bolts” of drumming. Franck’s goal with this book is to allow to each individual to grow and evolve at their own pace, in their musical universe, following their own intuition.

The 250-page book also features 48 instructional videos, each embedded directly in the book, that demonstrate many of the concepts and exercises presented in the book.

The first chapters will help improve your musical language – improving your vocabulary little by little to help your playing gain fluidity and relevance. As the book progresses, your new vocabulary is applied to different grooves and styles, as well as polyrhythms and concepts such as linear, independence, and interdependence. The book closes with a section focused on odd meter playing with lessons on grooves, phrasing and fills – as well as how to apply these concept across many different odd meters such as 3/8, 7/8, 11/8, 13/16, etc.




  • Didier Ottaviani
  • Franck Agulhon


  • Drums

Skill Level

  • Advanced
  • Intermediate
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