Samba Pack 1

Kiko Freitas

Brazilian drummer and samba master Kiko Freitas presents the first of two packs giving an authentic overview of samba grooves.

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In this pack, Brazilian master Kiko Freitas provides a detailed look at the basics of playing samba on the drumset. Bringing the authenticity of a native Brazilian, Kiko performs and explains the folkloric rhythms of samba one at a time, then explains how to create these sounds on the drumset.

Once all the separate rhythms are discussed and learned, in the next pack Kiko puts them all together in several challenging and musical grooves, all of which have the authentic “dirty” feel of traditional samba.

Here are the lessons that appear in this pack:

  • ‘Sonho de Caramujo’ by João Bosco and Aldir Blanc
  • Three Layers of Samba
  • Low Layer: First Surdo
  • Low Layer: Second Surdo
  • Low Layer: Third Surdo
  • Three Layers on Bass Drum
  • Middle Layer: Snare Patterns
  • Repique: Basic Pattern
  • Kiko’s Snare Pattern & “Dirty” Feel
  • Shaker and Tamborim Patterns


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